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Meaning of Teatime

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Hello everyone! I am a german pupil and I´m writing a work about Hogfather for school. I´m interested in Teatime`s name an its meaning. Does the name stand for a typical British, which is meant ironic? I want to compare the English original with the German version, in which Teatime is called "Kaffeetrinken" (coffeedrinking). I think it´s no good translation, but I need your help to say why. Thank you so much!
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On October 17th, 2011 11:47 am (UTC), super_pleb commented:
Teatime is a time of the day when you either eat a small meal or tea and coffee. It's somewhere in between lunch and dinner. Teatime's name in the book is all to do with pronunciation and spelling. He pronounces his name to make it sound like something foreign and exotic whereas everyone else -reads- his name, and pronounces like the time of day.

Irony is a tricky thing to pin down but I suppose you could say that the mis-pronunciation of his name is ironic. It helps describe his character through his choosing to pronounce his name in an affected manner, rather than just pronouncing it as it is spelt, as it makes him appear rather desperate to be important but also highly strung (seen by how upset he gets when his name is mis-pronounced). The irony lies in the fact other people do not see him as important and thus, do not use his affected pronunciation of his name.

Hope this helps.
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