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During Death

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Hiya!  I've been Teatime obsessed for... er... a really-really long time now.  As such, I now have a whole stock pile of fanfiction that I'd like to share, and a gaping hole that I must fill with other people's fanfics.  If you could point me in the direction of some good fanfiction centered on him, or even better Susan/Teatime, I'd be really-really grateful!
Anyhow, I hope you don't mind me just joining, as I'm new to the whole livejournal thing, but I've read most the fanfiction here (it's all great!) and thought that this might be just the place for a Teatime-fanatic like me.  In the tradition of many other recent joinees I've seen on this site, I bring a peace offering: one of my many fanfictions centered on that wonderfully twisted Assassin called During Death.

Title:  During Death
Rating:   T (bits of murdering dead people, insinuated language, basic Teatime craziness... you get the picture)
Fandom:   Discworld/Hogfather
Category:   Humor/Supernatural/Adventure
Pairing:   Um, well, after a while there will be Susan Sto-Helit/Jonathan Teatime, but at the beginning there are hints of an OC liking him, and Susan doesn't show up for quite some time.
Summary:  ...Teatime's Adventures in the Afterlife

So you can read the first three chapters on my (in-progress) livejournal page here, or the first six on fanfiction.net over there.  Please comment!
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