Meaning of Teatime

Hello everyone! I am a german pupil and I´m writing a work about Hogfather for school. I´m interested in Teatime`s name an its meaning. Does the name stand for a typical British, which is meant ironic? I want to compare the English original with the German version, in which Teatime is called "Kaffeetrinken" (coffeedrinking). I think it´s no good translation, but I need your help to say why. Thank you so much!

Fanmix: these inconvenient fireworks; Susan/Teatime

Hello everyone.  Instead of being a studious student today,  I put together a fanmix, except it's not downloadable in one convenient file because I don't actually have all the songs in my music player myself.  My apologies. 

However, the songs I found might provide some inspiration for fic or fanvids and suchlike, so please check out the links, and comment if you like it.

To her delight, he glared at her.
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Links that may be of interest.

Hello, hello?  Is this thing still on?  Well, hello everyone! I was yanked into the Hogfather fandom over a period of about four days through the book and the movie, and before I was aware of it, my inner fangirl had started shipping Susan and Teatime like crazy.  The sensible side of my brain disagreed, but was overpowered by the massive flailing that Marc Warren had induced as Teatime.  I may write fic involving Susan and Teatime at some point, but I don't know.  No promises though.  But I might.

Anyways, after a brief rampage throughout the internets for everything Teatime and Susan related, I found mayfield_rpg, which is a huge multi-fandom rpg journal with Susan and Teatime interacting with each other and other characters from different shows and such. 

So as an offering to this community, here are some of the links from both of their journals that I found quite amusing and I hope all of you will enjoy reading them. 

Note: Susan's handle is deaths_heritor, and Teatime's is updollsdresses, except for the entry in which everyone in the rpg is de-aged (then Teatime is dollybadtouch and Susan is sensiblechild).

The links:
In which Child!Teatime tries to pet a Pikachu and attempts a kidnapping.

In which there is a dying declaration of love murder and blood is spilled.

In which there is much Foe Yay and Susan needs brain bleach.

FIC: Bury My Lovely - Chapters 1 & 2

Title:   Bury My Lovely
Chapters:   1 & 2 of ?
Rating:   NC-17
Fandom:   Hogfather
Category:   Angst, Romance
Pairing:   Susan Sto Helit/Jonathan Teatime
Summary:   "She told him to stay away and revelled in it when he came back. She told him she didn't want him and loved it when he proved her wrong. She wanted to hate him and hated herself for not being able to manage it."

Feedback:   Do I have to beg?

Author's Notes:   Chapter one has been seriously reworked and betaed. So, I'm posting it her as new.

Thanks   All the thanks in the world go to Ariadne, one of the world's best beta readers, for all her help, thoughts, and suggestions.

Bury My Lovely:   Chapter 1
Bury My Lovely:   Chapter 2

One Dangerous Game

Hope you don't mind that I'm posting up so much of my work.  I just thought I'd share!  Oh, and I know, Susan and Teatime seem crazy at first, and they are, but in an amazingly wonderful way.  Give those two a chance, and you'll be surprised at the sparks that fly.  Do let me know what you think of my story, 'kay?  And if you're not into romance, my other fic During Death is lacking in that (at first, anyhow, haha).

Title:  One Dangerous Game
Rating:   T (violence, romance, Teatime craziness... etc.)
Fandom:   Discworld/Hogfather
Category:   Romance/Drama/Suspense
Pairing:   Susan Sto-Helit/Jonathan Teatime
Summary:  Hogswatch wasn't the first time Susan met Teatime, even if she wanted it to be.  Through a series of rounds, they played one dangerous game before.

You can read the first Round here on my LiveJournal, or the complete story over there on
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During Death

Hiya!  I've been Teatime obsessed for... er... a really-really long time now.  As such, I now have a whole stock pile of fanfiction that I'd like to share, and a gaping hole that I must fill with other people's fanfics.  If you could point me in the direction of some good fanfiction centered on him, or even better Susan/Teatime, I'd be really-really grateful!
Anyhow, I hope you don't mind me just joining, as I'm new to the whole livejournal thing, but I've read most the fanfiction here (it's all great!) and thought that this might be just the place for a Teatime-fanatic like me.  In the tradition of many other recent joinees I've seen on this site, I bring a peace offering: one of my many fanfictions centered on that wonderfully twisted Assassin called During Death.

Title:  During Death
Rating:   T (bits of murdering dead people, insinuated language, basic Teatime craziness... you get the picture)
Fandom:   Discworld/Hogfather
Category:   Humor/Supernatural/Adventure
Pairing:   Um, well, after a while there will be Susan Sto-Helit/Jonathan Teatime, but at the beginning there are hints of an OC liking him, and Susan doesn't show up for quite some time.
Summary:  ...Teatime's Adventures in the Afterlife

So you can read the first three chapters on my (in-progress) livejournal page here, or the first six on over there.  Please comment!
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