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teatime_fans's Journal

Teatime Fans
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Hi! We're Teatime fans. What's your name?

Our purpose is to provide a home for all your fanfic, fan art, ramblings and musings about the Guild of Assassin's most, ah, inventive son, Mister Jonathan Teatime. You may also wish to pay a call on our like-minded friends on DeviantArt; it's the friendly thing to do, after all.

There are, of course, a few rules - sensible ones, not like those silly unwritten rules the Guild are so terribly anxious about.

No drama. Let's not cause any unseemly disturbances, eh? It's so terribly sad when friends fall out, and they're so easy to run through. If you're feeling tense, perhaps a neck rub would help. Or nailing a few animals to the furniture.

We're quite, quite open to adult-oriented material, as long as it's behind an lj-cut and clearly marked as such. We wouldn't want any more accusations of 'lacking elegance', would we?

And, of course. Please bear in mind that it's Teh-ah-tim-eh. Everyone gets it wrong, you see.