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Bar fights!  Sex changes!  A man called Dave!  It's Chapter Five:  There Won't Be Nobody Left
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Ages and ages ago, I posted part of the beginning of a fic here.  It was kind of crap but people were kind enough to show and interest in it.  Well, it's still not done.  However, the first part is and I'd really like to see what people think.

WARNING!  This is unbetaed!  Any feedback is welcome but any feedback with corrections, suggestions, and creative criticism is doubly so.  Just please take note that I'm a smut-fic virgin, so be gentle with me.  *g*

Title:   Bury My Lovely
Rating:   NC-17
Fandom:   Hogfather
Category:   Romance
Pairing:   Susan Sto Helit/Jonathan Teatime
Summary:   Who do you really hate, when your mind wants one thing and your heart wants another?  (I can't write summaries worth shit - help?)
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Of Resurrection Men, that is.  Up here on DeviantART and here on ff.net.
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So I was reading through some of the old posts on here a few nights ago this one http://community.livejournal.com/teatime_fans/33825.html?nc=3 gave me the idea for a fic.

So here it is:

Title: Girl's dresses
Rating: M
First published: 3/02/10
Edited: -
Fandom: The Hogfather
Characters: Teatime, Susan
Genre: Sex

Girl's dressesCollapse )

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Title: Resurrection Men
Author:  tmoh 
Rating: PG-13/T
Characters: Carcer Dun and Jonathan Teatime
Summary:  One's a ghost with a myth to make. The other's a hanged man who won't stay dead. One chance encounter was all it took to set off another Story, and now they're off on the Road Trip From Hell with the Watch behind and a whole continent to wreck up ahead.
Notes: Chapters are being added as fast as they can be written and beta'd.  Many thanks to possibly_thrice  for taking the time to beta this; she and her writing are both Totally Awesome.  I'll probably keep adding new chapter links to this post, at least as long as it's on the main page, rather than creating a new post for each chapter and cluttering up the comm.

(Chapter One)
(Chapter Two)
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I've always liked coming up with theme songs and play lists and that kind of thing.  Well, I've been trying up come with a sort of Discworld play list  -  that is to say theme songs for the various novels and for some of the characters as well.

This hasn't been going well.  I have some ideas for some of them, but would like opinions.  For instance, I still haven't been able to come up with a theme for Hogfather or for Susan (although I do have one for Teatime).

Want to help me out?  Please?

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Hello - I'm new to the community and while I've been a longtime Teatime and Pratchett fan, it never occurred to me to look up any Discworld communities until now. With that, I'm gonna ask: I'm thinking of doing a Teatime/Susan fanmix for kicks and am wondering what songs you all think might fit. So far, what I've got is placed under the cut. Opinions welcome.
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