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Hello, hello?  Is this thing still on?  Well, hello everyone! I was yanked into the Hogfather fandom over a period of about four days through the book and the movie, and before I was aware of it, my inner fangirl had started shipping Susan and Teatime like crazy.  The sensible side of my brain disagreed, but was overpowered by the massive flailing that Marc Warren had induced as Teatime.  I may write fic involving Susan and Teatime at some point, but I don't know.  No promises though.  But I might.

Anyways, after a brief rampage throughout the internets for everything Teatime and Susan related, I found mayfield_rpg, which is a huge multi-fandom rpg journal with Susan and Teatime interacting with each other and other characters from different shows and such. 

So as an offering to this community, here are some of the links from both of their journals that I found quite amusing and I hope all of you will enjoy reading them. 

Note: Susan's handle is deaths_heritor, and Teatime's is updollsdresses, except for the entry in which everyone in the rpg is de-aged (then Teatime is dollybadtouch and Susan is sensiblechild).

The links:
In which Child!Teatime tries to pet a Pikachu and attempts a kidnapping.

In which there is a dying declaration of love murder and blood is spilled.

In which there is much Foe Yay and Susan needs brain bleach.
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On August 26th, 2011 06:48 pm (UTC), updollsdresses commented:
I just feel this overwhelming urge to warn everyone that I was absolutely terrible at everything. Wighty/Susan-mun was and still continues to be ace, though. /was linked here because he's a sadist
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On August 26th, 2011 07:01 pm (UTC), deaths_heritor commented:
I feel an equally overwhelming urge to warn everyone that the true star of our roleplay, Trek/Teatime-mun, sadly departed some time ago, and therefore there is no longer anything of interest worth seeing.
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