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One Dangerous Game

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Hope you don't mind that I'm posting up so much of my work.  I just thought I'd share!  Oh, and I know, Susan and Teatime seem crazy at first, and they are, but in an amazingly wonderful way.  Give those two a chance, and you'll be surprised at the sparks that fly.  Do let me know what you think of my story, 'kay?  And if you're not into romance, my other fic During Death is lacking in that (at first, anyhow, haha).

Title:  One Dangerous Game
Rating:   T (violence, romance, Teatime craziness... etc.)
Fandom:   Discworld/Hogfather
Category:   Romance/Drama/Suspense
Pairing:   Susan Sto-Helit/Jonathan Teatime
Summary:  Hogswatch wasn't the first time Susan met Teatime, even if she wanted it to be.  Through a series of rounds, they played one dangerous game before.

You can read the first Round here on my LiveJournal, or the complete story over there on fanfiction.net.
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